Bill Sumits

Bill Sumits has been taking photographs since the age of 8. He learned the art from his father. He was photographer, photo editor and yearbook editor at Georgia Tech. Summer jobs at Newsweek magazine, LIFE photo lab, and photographers' assistant for some of the great LIFE Magazine photographers helped add to his skills. He has had photographs published in Sports Illustrated and TIME magazine. He had a long professional career in technical and industrial photographic product marketing and management, for the DuPont Company. The technical understanding of the graphic arts reproduction process served him well in his job. With the evolution of digital imaging, Bill got out of the darkroom for good and DuPont got out of the photo business. Early retirement brought many more international vacations and trips and a revival of his interest in, and devotion of time to photography

William J SumitsWilliam J Sumits

William Sumits began his career working in the stock room of Eastman Kodak in Kansas City, MO where he developed a strong interest in photography. He joined TWA in the mid-1930s and with the help of the photo staff he quickly developed technical and creative skills and soon became the chief photographer. When Kodachrome color film was introduced in 1935 he became proficient in color photography. In 1947 his experience with color earned him a job with LIFE magazine based in London where he photographed many stories. In 1950 he returned to New York to become the manager of the LIFE Magazine photo lab and technical visionary. He helped develop motorized cameras and radio-controlled electronic flash systems and kept the LIFE photographers equipped with leading edge technology. After his 15-year career at LIFE